15 Dec 2020

Rajah & Tann Technologies and Resolvo Systems create one-stop legal and cybersecurity ecosystem with launch of Rajah & Tann Cybersecurity

Rajah & Tann Technologies (RTTech) announced today a joint venture (JV) with cybersecurity service provider Resolvo Systems to set up Rajah & Tann Cybersecurity (RTCyber). The move comes amid rising cyber attacks in Singapore and the region, with new threats emerging from a surge in online activities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With RTCyber, Singapore’s leading law firm Rajah & Tann Singapore (R&T) will be the first to integrate legal and cybersecurity expertise under one roof. RTCyber is uniquely placed to help clients protect, mitigate against cyber attacks, minimise disruptions from a security breach and effectively deal with a breach incident. It will leverage Resolvo’s 20 years’ experience as a cybersecurity specialist and R&T’s credentials as a leader in data protection and cybersecurity law.

RTTech, a unit of R&T, was launched in November 2018 to provide tech-enabled solutions to clients as they face the growing demands and challenges of operating in a digital economy.

Mr Steve Tan, Director at RTTech, said cybersecurity is one of a suite of six services – including legal tech, e-discovery and digital forensics, data breach readiness and responses, contract management and academy – that RTTech seeks to offer clients.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated our clients’ reliance on digital data. As their transformation partner, we see ourselves providing them with a much-needed service at this most dire of times.

“It is a matter of when, not if, an organisation is hit by a data breach, especially since the number of malicious perpetrators targeting vulnerable systems, websites and individuals continues to grow exponentially. The key is to be prepared and to effectively respond to a breach. Organisations have to be proactive in securing their data against loss or cyber attacks, not only for security reasons but also to comply with data protection and other legal requirements.”

Mr Tan said RTTech has worked with Resolvo and the firm is highly regarded for its work in the public sector. “The JV reinforces R&T’s strategic goal of redefining legal services through technology and innovation.”

Mr Wong Onn Chee, Chief Technology Officer at Resolvo, said: “All cyber security incidents call for a high level of alertness and quick action. Through the R&T and RTCyber ecosystem, a truly one-stop shop solution unparalleled by other service providers, we will be able to bring technology and legal expertise to bear in an expeditious and efficient manner, to address such critical situations.”

Mr Wong, who is also the CEO of RTCyber and Technical Director of RTTech, added that cyber attacks are global, impacting organisations in any jurisdiction, and cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated. “Companies need to ensure that their systems’ hardware and software are adequately protected and resilient enough to withstand the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape,” he said.

Rajesh Sreenivasan, Director of RTTech, said: “With RTCyber, Rajah & Tann now boasts a full stack of multidisciplinary cybersecurity services complemented by RTTech and R&T services lines such as our Novusdemia e-learning platform for cybersecurity training, LegalComet e-discovery services and digital forensics and RTReadySign e-signing platform that provides secure authentication and identification.”

The pervasiveness of cyber attacks was registered recently when the World Health Organisation reported a fivefold increase in cyber attacks one and a half months into the Covid-19 pandemic. Nearer home, the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore observed that phishing attacks targeting Singapore more than doubled between March to May 2020.

Founded in 2000, Resolvo is the market leader in providing comprehensive security assessment and testing services in Asia. Its team of domain experts help to improve security and compliance for its customers through secure Web 2.0 development, infrastructure review, IT compliance, and threat and vulnerability management.

Resolvo is helmed by Mr Wong, who has led projects involving security testing or auditing of various national systems for the past 20 years. Notably, he has worked on testing the security of national systems in Government Technology Agency, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, Singapore Police Force, Land Transport Authority, Credit Bureau Singapore and many more.

He joined the RTTech team two years ago, and has been involved in various forensics projects, providing security advisory and conducting cybersecurity exercises for its customers.

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