Fraud, Asset Recovery & Investigations

Businesses have seen unprecedented growth in an interconnected world unified by relentless expansion of international commerce and open digital access. At the same time, global commercial integration has heralded the advent of a new species of transnational crime that exploits the diversity of laws and enforcement actions across geographical boundaries.

Using cutting-edge technology, the transnational criminal operates with advanced sophistication and ruthless efficiency. Complex financial vehicles are used to conceal and distribute proceeds of crime in multiple offshore locations at the press of a button. Defrauded corporations are further victimised by the myriad of media platforms and channels accessible worldwide which escalates any crisis situation to a potential reputational calamity.

In order to meet these challenges, corporations and individuals must find the right solutions together with a legal partner – be it in implementing pre-emptive measures to minimize the risk of fraud, recovering stolen assets, conducting investigations, or managing crisis situations, to steer corporations and businesses through the complex challenges of a crisis, we introduce our Fraud, Asset Recovery & Investigations team.

Our team has a wealth of experience in dealing with complex cross-border commercial fraud, asset recovery, investigations, and managing crisis situations, across a multitude of industries ranging from banking and finance, shipping, building and construction and natural resources.  

From the collapses of Barings Bank plc in the mid 90s, Lehman Brothers and MF Global in the late 2000s, the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the Madoff fraud, to the revolutions in the Middle-East, we have been at the forefront of major global distressed and crisis events, guiding corporations and individuals with a steady hand and assisting them in conducting investigations and recovering assets. Our clients include multi-national corporations, state-owned companies, governmental agencies, global and regional financial institutions, private and listed companies, and individual business and public leaders.


Backed by a commanding presence and legal resources across Asia, we are able to swiftly assemble response teams to assist our clients manage any crisis, when it happens, as it happens. With an intimate comprehension of the local commercial and legal landscape, cultural norms, and languages, the team provides localised expertise with an international reach. We are well-placed to launch and coordinate simultaneous actions across multiple jurisdictions to trace, identify, and recover assets. Even in jurisdictions where we do not have a direct presence, our strong relationships with specialists around the globe ensure that our clients have seamless access to quick and cost-effective solutions anywhere in the world.