With the proliferation of business interests in Asia and the continued growth of an international work force, many companies have increasingly seen the need to understand, navigate, coordinate and manage the many variances and complexities in the employment laws and policies amongst the ASEAN countries.

The Employment Practice of Rajah & Tann Asia, comprising a team of widely experienced and highly regarded lawyers drawn from each of the offices within our network has the ability to provide seamless support in relation to a broad range of both contentious and non-contentious employment issues across the various countries within our network.

The team of lawyers in our Employment practice are extremely experienced in advising multi-national corporations and individuals alike on cross border employment policies, designing new compensation plans, as well as representing them in in high stakes employment disputes in arbitration or courtroom settings.


Our regional team consists of resident experts in their home countries well versed in the local employment laws with on the ground experience, and who have a firm grasp of local culture and business practices. Because of our presence in virtually every country in Asia, we provide unparalleled and seamless services to our clients who have employees in more than one country in the region wherever our clients are situated.

The team has been described as “having a good sense of industry developments” and ,”being diligent, very professional, and going the extra mile” for the clients.