Data and Digital Economy Regional Sector Group

As the digital economy accelerates, Rajah & Tann Asia is ready to take on this change with our Data & Digital Economy services.


Rajah & Tann Asia aims to position ourselves as the region’s first choice in legal solutions providers and thought leaders in the Data & Digital Economy space and the new Metaverse.

This is achieved with the strategy of merging core Data & Digital Economy skillsets with the various specialist practices across Rajah & Tann’s Corporate and Disputes practices, drawing on the strengths and expertise of each lawyer to provide clients with multi-disciplinary, multi-legal solutions on a scale and depth few other firms can meet internationally.

Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics

The rise of artificial intelligence (“AI”) and data analytics is profoundly transforming business models. Many industry players have been making use of these fast-evolving technologies to their advantage. However, along with these advantages also come their own set of legal challenges in areas such as compliance, risks, ethics, privacy, manipulation, data governance, and human-robot interaction. These new technologies and business models also require new strategies from a legal and compliance standpoint. 

Led by a team of highly experienced lawyers who are recognised thought leaders in this nascent field, together with Legal Engineers from our Rajah & Tann Technologies InnoLex team, we provide multidisciplinary solutions to meet demands in this rapidly evolving space and stand ready to guide you through every step of your AI journey.

Cloud, Data Centre & Info-Communications

The revolution of technology has brought about rapid changes in the world of construction, giving rise to new digital infrastructure projects such as data centres, smart buildings and telecommunications infrastructure.

Our team at Rajah & Tann draws expertise from our market-leading practices to assist clients throughout the entire lifecycle of complex infrastructure projects in the technology space.

We are the go-to firm to provide expert commercial and legal advice on all aspects of technology infrastructure including hardware, software, facilities and structures that support the delivery of business systems and IT-enabled processes. We also regularly advise on data centre solutions for investors, developers, operators, and users participating in the data centre and communications infrastructure realm.

Amidst all of these, we ensure that our clients stay compliant with current and upcoming regulations.

Cybersecurity & Cybercrime

Cybersecurity & cybercrime have always been key areas of concern in the digital world. As we marvel at new opportunities in the Metaverse, businesses must be prepared to face new and advanced threats of Meta-cybercrimes where next level massive attacks make current ones seem like systemic tests for the dangers to come.

Our Data & Digital Economy expertise in cybersecurity allows us to help clients leverage the value of data responsibly and safeguard the confidentiality of sensitive data. Our market-leading lawyers work in tandem with legal tech specialists from Rajah & Tann Technologies and Rajah & Tann Cybersecurity in the creation of new policies, cross-party reliance and systems, meta-security standards and protocols, and next-gen compliance procedures to ensure that security is maintained while preserving the user experience. This synergistic collaboration provides technical audit, forensic and investigation services to complement the legal services that are provided by our technologically savvy lawyers.

We also provide multi-disciplinary data breach services and 24-hour emergency response teams ready to assist our clients as may be required.

We regularly advise on capital markets regulatory issues and the necessary due diligence in merger and acquisition transactions. This ensures that Rajah & Tann is the one-stop shop for all data or cybersecurity matters, giving clients the head start to solutions vital in the Metaverse.

We provide our clients with a holistic solution designed to assist in preventing cyberbreaches and in effectively responding to a cyberbreach. Our services can be customised to assist large organisations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises across every industry.

DDE Disputes & Crisis Management

Our dynamic litigation team has been pioneering cutting-edge data and technology disputes, offering a multidisciplinary approach to assist clients of every size and stage with integrated counsel. We have navigated this terrain and guided clients in the asset recovery, forensics, cybersecurity, technology, entertainment, software, marketing, media, and gaming industries, across the entire spectrum of the digital space.

Our team of tech litigation specialists are equipped to guide clients as they navigate this new frontier, with emphasis on:

  • Digital asset and cryptocurrency tracing and recovery
  • Privacy and data use and governance disputes
  • Software and intellectual property disputes
  • Mergers & acquisitions disputes, joint ventures disputes
  • Digital financing disputes
  • Digital payment processing and token disputes
  • Technology and telecoms infrastructure disputes
  • Digital trade and intangible asset related disputes
DDE Mergers & Acquisitions

Today, we are on the cusp of the Metaverse as digital worlds and augmented reality continue to be developed, and technology companies are envisioning various types of Metaverse platforms. Taking into account this new digital reality concept, M&A activity and collaboration between Metaverse builders and companies now require Meta-specific M&A checklists and indicators to ensure smooth integrations.

Whether you are seeking to invest in, purchase assets or shares of a technology company, or acquire new digital capabilities, our team of specialist tech lawyers is here to provide effective and strategic legal support across the entire spectrum of technology-related M&A transactions.

Our legal and technical specialists are highly adept at providing practical advice on complex issues that often arise in Tech M&A and Meta Commercial transactions, from conducting intellectual property and cybersecurity due diligence to drafting transitional service agreements, invention assignment agreements, and designing data protection policies.

Digital Media, Social Media & Online Falsehoods

We are well versed in social media and digital media laws and offer a multidisciplinary approach to assist clients of every size and stage with integrated counsel. From the earliest stages of the digital media wave, we have navigated this terrain and guided clients in the technology, entertainment, software, marketing, media, and gaming industries, across the entire spectrum of social media and digital media law.

While digital and social media create new markets and opportunities, they also open the door to a range of issues such as cybercrime, data protection, customer privacy, intellectual property and content regulatory compliance.

To assist our clients in navigating the media space, we provide end-to-end, intuitive advice on all forms of social and digital media-related matters, some of which include:

  • Drafting and advising on service contracts, software integration contracts, software and content licensing and development agreements, and customer terms of use and privacy policies for digital platforms
  • Privacy and data protection provisions for customers and employees of digital media service providers
  • Digital media intellectual property protection, prosecution and advice
  • Issues related to cross border storage and transfer of data and cloud service provision
  • Mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures and venture capital financings of digital media companies
Electronic Commerce, Trade & Consumer Protection

In this age of the Data & Digital Economy where rapid internet and technology advancement has impacted almost every aspect of corporate and consumer behaviour, increasing accessibility and connectivity have created a strong wave of consumer outreach.

In addition to having a strong online presence to boost e-commerce sales, many companies are now adopting innovation and automation in increasingly complex and imaginative ways to engage with their clients.

With expertise spanning all our practice areas, we have a solid grasp of technology trends in the spheres of e-commerce, artificial intelligence, blockchain and fintech. Our extensive experience in handling technological assets gives us the upper hand in supporting our clients on all forms of e-commerce, trade, and consumer protection matters, including:

  • Taking brick-and-mortar businesses to the e-commerce sphere
  • Reviewing business structures to best exploit FTA benefits
  • Providing advice on ongoing import and export requirements, including other trade-related compliance issues
  • Reviewing campaigns to ensure that there are no consumer protection violations
  • Developing a consumer protection compliance process
  • Data privacy and security concerns
  • Tax implications of e-commerce businesses
Fintech, Blockchain & Smart Contracts

The increasing use of blockchain technology and digital assets could ultimately reshape the way many industries operate for decades to come. Our long track record of working with blockchain and other emerging technologies allows us to assist clients to pursue the untapped possibilities of blockchain technology from innovative financing structures such as token generation to applications beyond cryptocurrency.

With the Metaverse is taking cyberspace by storm, along with it comes a new class of asset which has already taken shape in the form of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Our lawyers can help you navigate your way though the world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies and assist with the legal issues that arise where the virtual and real worlds converge.

Intangible Assets, Intellectual Property & Digital Media

In the Information Age, digital transformation and the growing embrace of IoT have seen many organisations seizing the opportunity to deliver data services, and ultimately reaping the benefits of data commercialisation.

As businesses start to amass a wealth of data, the enhancement of customer data for powerful insights and improvement of products and services becomes highly valuable. Beyond the considerations of company data value and technology solutions, a data commercialisation strategy also requires compliance with regulatory regimes, as well as privacy and security standards.

We provide our clients with end-to-end and intuitive advice on all forms of data commercialisation, media, and tech matters, some of which include:

  • Privacy and data protection provisions
  • Intellectual property protection, prosecution and advice
  • Transparency and protection of sensitive and confidential information
  • Licensing and commercialisation of technology, data, digital media and content, and intellectual property
  • Data acquisition and transfers
  • Trademark acquisition, licensing and prosecution
  • Digital assets and data recovery services in the event of restructuring or insolvency
Privacy, Data Protection & Data Governance

Our specialist multi-jurisdictional data protection and privacy team is the clear leader in the region, as far as privacy, data protection acumen and services, data governance and legal work are concerned. Our keen expertise has manifested in our provision of innovative services when we became the pioneer of such services in this area. Our best-of-breed value added services provide organisations with guidance and advice across compliance with privacy and data protection laws, astute handling of data breaches and data incidents, and data handling as key assets of the organisation. 

We have assisted many clients from across a wide range of industries to comply with the various data protection authorities and sector-specific regulators. Our strong working relationships with the key regulators have also allowed us to develop a deep understanding of these regulators’ priorities from a data protection and privacy perspective.

The exposure we have to multiple industries where we carry out comprehensive compliance programs for these organisations provides us with the leading edge in understanding the issues that are at play within an organisation and the best practices that should be adopted.