Our partners

For Rajah & Tann Asia, being a brilliant legal mind isn't enough. The ability to build relationships is every bit as important. And that, of course, means our people need to be personable, mature, and well-rounded human beings.

They are also truly collaborative by nature. Within each of the firms that makes up Rajah & Tann Asia, every individual values being part of the region's powerful new home team, and is committed to playing his or her part in ensuring its success.

It's worth noting that many who wish to take their careers to the next level, including those with international experience, choose to join us as Lawyers who know Asia. 


Banking & Finance
Capital Markets
China-Related Investment Dispute Resolution (CRID)
Competition & Antitrust and Trade
Corporate Commercial
Data and Digital Economy Regional Sector Group
Fraud, Asset Recovery & Investigations
Infrastructure, Energy & Resources
Intellectual Property
International Arbitration
Mergers & Acquisitions
Real Estate
Restructuring & Insolvency
Shipping & International Trade
Technology, Media and Telecommunications