26 Jun 2024

Rajah & Tann Foundation supports "Ocean Wonders" carnival for children with special needs

Singapore, 27 June 2024 – Rajah & Tann Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of Rajah & Tann Singapore (R&T), is proud to support and participate in the "Ocean Wonders" carnival, a fun-filled event for over 200 children with special needs and their families, which will be held at Yuhua Community Club on 29 June 2024.

The carnival is organised by Fei Yue Community Services' Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC), which provides therapy and educational support for children aged six and below with developmental needs. The event aligns with the National Family Festival to highlight the importance of family engagement and bonding for the holistic development of children.

Sustainability is also a key theme of the carnival. Game booths and artwork are planned with sustainability in mind, using recycled or reusable materials and avoiding single-use plastics. Ms Grace Fu, the Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, will grace the event.

The carnival will feature a range of activities, including ocean-themed artwork by EIPIC children, various game stalls, and delicious finger food. It aims to celebrate the creativity of the young participants while providing an enjoyable experience for families, promoting inclusivity, and creating memorable moments together.

The main hall of Yuhua Community Club will be decorated with artwork created by the children, accompanied by short write-ups with their thoughts on the artwork. The children will also have the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills at the game stalls, which are designed to be accessible and engaging for all.

Rajah & Tann Foundation is honoured to be part of this meaningful initiative, which aligns with its vision of giving back to the community and making a positive impact on society. In addition, volunteers from R&T will be present at the carnival to assist with the logistics and interact with the children and their families.

Mr Lee Eng Beng, Chairperson of Rajah & Tann Asia, said: “Rajah & Tann has always found Fei Yue’s work to be inspiring and purposeful and we are thrilled to work with Fei Yue on this delightful carnival. We hope the children and their families, as well as our many volunteers, will enjoy the programme and activities and find the interactions and bonding enriching and memorable.”

This event is sponsored by the Rajah & Tann Foundation in Singapore, as part of Rajah & Tann Asia’s 10th anniversary celebrations this year which includes a Community Day organised by the member law firms across Southeast Asia to support and benefit children in their respective communities.

Ms Iris Lin, Division Head, EIPIC, Fei Yue Community Services, said: "As we immerse ourselves in the magic of the 'Ocean Wonders' carnival, we celebrate the beauty in every child’s unique perspective. Just as the ocean reveals its marvels to those who explore its depths, our children’s creativity and resilience shine when nurtured by love and support.

“They may be children with special needs, but truly, they are children who are so special in their own beautiful ways. We are privileged to journey with them and witness their growth.”

Mr Arthur Ling, Chief Executive, Fei Yue Community Services, said: “This event symbolises Fei Yue’s commitment to fostering family bonds and inclusivity, creating an environment where every child feels celebrated and understood. Together, we dive deeper into the wonders of their world, cherishing every moment and milestone as they discover their interests and passion along the way."


About Rajah & Tann Foundation

Founded in 1976, Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP is one of the largest full-service law firms in Singapore. Rajah & Tann has a history in social giving since our founding and we play an entrenched role in contributing to the community at large.

The Rajah & Tann Foundation is a cornerstone of the firm’s corporate social responsibility vision and is an endorsement of the values and legacy of our founding partners. We strive to maintain lasting relationships with the charitable organisations we work with by offering impactful support to these organisations and their beneficiaries. The organisations we have collaborated with on social impact projects include Fei Yue amongst many others.


About Fei Yue EIPIC

Fei Yue Community Services had been appointed by The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) to run the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC). Our EIPIC programme is specially designed to serve children from birth to 6 years old who are assessed to be at risk of developmental, intellectual, sensory or physical learning needs.

The team consists of Early Intervention Teachers, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, and Social Workers who aim to provide family-centred, coordinated and integrated services. The intervention approach at Fei Yue EIPIC is a combined use of principles from Activity-Based Intervention (ABI), Structured Teaching (TEACCH) and Routine Based Intervention (RBI). We also practice Family-Centred and Transdisciplinary approaches to engage, educate, and collaborate with the families of our children.


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