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Control Measures

New Advisory from Government on Procedure, Documents and Steps to Enter and Leave Lao PDR

On 16 December 2020, the National Task Force Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Prevention and Control of COVID-19 issued an Advisory on the procedure, documents and steps required to enter and leave Lao PDR ("Procedural Advisory"). The Procedural Advisory follows the Decision of the Prime Minister No. 09/PM dated 3 February 2020 and the Notice of the Prime Minister’s Office No.1291/PMO dated 26 November 2020 which are referred to in the Procedural Advisory. The Procedural Advisory replaces the Instruction No.1861/MOFA dated 31 July 2020. This Update highlights the key documents and procedures set out in the Procedural Advisory.

Lao PDR | Control Measures | 11 January 2021

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