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Implementation of Withholding Tax on Dividend Distributions

The Ministry of Economy and Finance has issued Prakas No. 518 on 5 May 2017 providing the instructions on implementation of withholding tax on dividend distributions from resident taxpayers in Cambodia to their non-resident shareholders.

25 May 2017 | Cambodia
Service of Arbitration-Related Proceedings on Foreign States
The Singapore Rules of Court provide for the service of process or orders outside of the jurisdiction. In particular, Order 69A sets out specific rules addressing arbitration-related proceedings in court. While the position in relation to commercial arbitrations seems relatively straightforward, Order 69A does not expressly cater for service of arbitration-related court proceedings on foreign States. In particular, how should orders granting leave for enforcement proceedings be served? Is the State Immunity Act requiring service of "any writ or other document" relevant? These were questions considered by the High Court in Josias Van Zyl and others v Kingdom of Lesotho [2017] SGHC 104. Paul Tan and Alessa Pang of Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP are representing the State party before the Singapore courts.
17 May 2017 | Singapore
CCS Conducts Market Study on Supply of Formula Milk
On 10 May 2017, the Competition Commission of Singapore ("CCS") published the findings of its market inquiry into the supply of Formula Milk products in Singapore. The CCS market inquiry sought to provide an insight into why significant price increases had occurred in the Formula Milk market through an examination and analysis of the nature of competition at each level of the supply chain, and to provide policy recommendations to counteract the soaring retail prices. This Client Update provides a summary of and our brief comments on the CCS findings and recommendations.
16 May 2017 | Singapore
Legal Developments in Thailand

This update provides an overview of recent legal developments in Thailand.

15 May 2017 | Thailand