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Control Measures

New Instruction on Persons Travelling from Countries with No COVID-19 Outbreak in the Community

On 14 October 2020, the National Task Force Committee for Prevention and Control of COVID-19 ("Task Force") issued Instruction No.3053/NTC concerning persons who travelled from countries with no COVID-19 outbreak in the community ("Instruction").

Pursuant to the Order of the Prime Minister No. 06/PM dated 29 March 2020, the Notice of Prime Minister's Office No.1049/PMO dated 30 September 2020, and the Minutes of the Secretarial Meeting of the Task Force dated 7 October 2020 referred to in the Instruction, the Task Force has announced the measures that must be complied with by persons who travel to Laos from countries with no COVID-19 outbreak in the community.

Lao PDR | Control Measures | 26 October 2020

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