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SINGAPORE: COVID-19 and M&A: Key Considerations in a Time of Global Uncertainty

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread uncertainty, and the full impact on the global economy remains to be seen. Understandably, this would lead to questions surrounding the viability and validity of, and impact on, transactions, whether contemplated, ongoing or completed.

As M&A activity continues against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are certain key considerations that should be borne in mind by the parties.

This Update aims to highlight these considerations as well as steps that can be taken to manage the risks caused or aggravated by COVID-19.

Singapore | Mergers & Acquisitions | 15 May 2020
PHILIPPINES: PCC Suspends Merger Process and Timelines Due to Enhanced Community Quarantine

The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) has suspended certain activities in view of the enhanced community quarantine imposed by the Philippine government in response to the worsening COVID-19 outbreak in the Philippines. The quarantine was announced in the evening of 16 March 2020, and is currently scheduled to end on 14 April 2020.

Philippines | Mergers & Acquisitions | 06 April 2020

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